Annual Holiday Drop-in!

This year we decided to have this popular event on two days – to give people the option depending on which day was most convenient for them. So, we set the dates for Sunday, November 13th from 1-4 and Tuesday, November 15th from 4-7. We had a great turnout for both but believe it or not we had a few more guests on Sunday, when it was raining and cold and nasty weather! You just never know!

So let me tell how we plan for the holiday season. We start by attending the January Market in Atlanta (yes, almost a whole year ahead). We get ideas and inspiration and learn what the trends will be for the new Christmas season. We place a few orders for must-have items and schedule the shipments for July. Then we go back to Atlanta for the July market and really get serious about the upcoming holiday season and order all  of the merchandise that we will carry and schedule it for immediate shipping. As you can imagine, this is quite challenging to make sure we have what people are looking for and have enough that we don’t run out but not too much that we don’t get stuck with it! 🙂 This year we had to make a very last minute trip in early November to a wholesaler in  rural Georgia to pick up a few more items. Sometimes the stuff we order in Atlanta doesn’t come in and we have to scramble! Below are photos from our January trip. You may remember these from the blog posts we did for each day at market!

So after all of the planning, we start with the outdoor decorations and put them up on the weekend that falls after Halloween. We then slowly start putting out the new inventory and setting up the displays. We wait as long as we can to decorate the tree and mantle which is our main display. That’s usually done on the last Sunday before the drop-in when the store is closed.  We have a different theme every year!  We always leave the front room set up with our fall merchandise through Thanksgiving!

So this year PLAID is big. We did our big tree and mantle in a plaid theme with a few rustic and burlap accents with lots of RED! We also have lots of new ornaments this year too and have restocked many of our popular lines such as Nora Fleming entertaining pieces, Melissa & Doug toys,  Root candles, Moonstruck chocolates and so much more!

We were so glad to have Theresa provide samples on Sunday of her very popular Adams Apple Eatables that we carry here at Winston’s. We were also excited to have Tisa here on Tuesday and provided samples of some of the Robert Rothschild products we carry! All of it was hit and once people tasted the items, they were hooked! We are stocked up, so stop by soon! Great for gifts and parties!

It’s always fun to see people enjoying themselves while they browse, visit and enjoy the food and drinks! Janie made her popular cheese wafers and Columbia College crackers. The hot apple cider sure was a hit when it was so cold on Sunday!

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We are very appreciative of everyone that stopped by and shopped with us, and hope you come back soon! If you weren’t able to make it we hope you will have a chance to visit us soon as well! Thank you to Laura with Lola Dee Photography for photographing our events! It sure is nice to have someone else take the photos, especially a professional!! Much better photos and a lot more photos!! 🙂 Merry Christmas from the Winston’s Crew!




Kathy Ireland Candle Collection by Root

We now carry the Kathy Ireland Candle Collection by Root.

  • 9 pack Tealights – $10 (Giftable 9 pack of tealights made exclusively for kathy ireland® by Root Candles. 0.4 oz each, pure essential oil fragrance, custom all-natural cotton wicks. 4 hours of burn time each.)
  • Mini Tin – $10 (Decorative and portable white tin made exclusively for kathy ireland® by Root Candles. 2.3 oz, pure essential oil fragrance, clean burning soy wax blend, custom all-natural cotton wicks. Over 14 hours of burn time.)
  • Tumbler – $20 (Elegant, white glass tumbler made exclusively for kathy ireland® by Root Candles. 7.7 oz, pure essential oil fragrance, clean burning soy wax blend, custom all-natural cotton wicks. Over 40 hours of burn time.)

Click on each fragrance name below to read the description.

January Buying Trip!

Janie just returned from one of her annual buying trips to AmericasMart Atlanta. It’s where Retailers go to Shop! “The complex ranks first as the world’s largest trade mart/trade show facility with more than seven million square feet of enclosed space.”

As usual, Janie made the most of her time there and reported busy showrooms and happy retailers! According to the Market Report from Gifts and Decorative Accessories publication – “If AmericasMart’s winter show kickoff this week is any indication, 2015 looks to be a good year. According to exhibitors, attendees were optimistic, coming off of a solid holiday season.”

She was able to meet several new vendors and of course place orders with some of our favorites like Nora Fleming, Root Candles and Savannah Bee Company, just to name a few! We are so excited about the new products due to arrive very soon! Be sure to check our Facebook page for updates! We love being able to bring in new items that we know our customers will LOVE!

Root Candles

ImageWe have carried Root Candles for quite some time at White House Florist. They make a great addition to floral arrangements for special occasions or just because! The candle line was incorporated into our expanded gift shop and our customers continue to love these great candles for their homes or to give as gifts. We thought we would give you a little history we learned on their website about these wonderful candles made in America!

  • The company was founded in 1869 in Medina, Ohio by Amos Ives Root. Root candles have been crafted with passion and perfection by the same family for five generations and more than 140 years.  
  • Root candles use the purest beeswax, an all-natural color palette and sophisticated, essential oil fragrances.
  • Root candles are consistently flawless, cleaner burning, longer lasting and elegantly designed.
  • Root candles are called the best candle in America, made in America.