Wax Pottery Collection

Home Fragrance Without

a Flame!

Wickless Room Refresheners

“Bring the spectacular fragrances of the seasons indoors with Wax Pottery ®, available in many styles and scents, come in both vessel or sphere shapes. As the ideal home decor accessory, they not only look great, but will fragrance your favorite room as well. Each piece is carefully handcrafted by a skilled craftsman.

“…It is the perfect gift that everybody will absolutely love.”

Wax Pottery is designed to release the fragrance of a candle without the need of an open flame. You never have to burn it and it will release a beautiful scent through out the house all day long. A room freshener that serves as a beautiful centerpiece in you home. Beautiful to look at and fabulously fragrant.”

Wax Pottery Bowls 7″ – $24.95 – For regular room size we recommend the 7″ bowls for better fragrance release. Each packaged in a free gift box.

Wax Pottery for Personal Space 5.5″ – $18.95 –Small Personal Space Wax Pottery Bowls. They only measure 5.5 inch in diameter and come each packaged in a free gift box.

Wax Pottery FAQ – (Taken from Habersham Candle Company Website)

Q: How can I use the Wax Pottery products?

A: Simply open the package and display on your favorite dish or stand, to beautify & gently fragrance any room.DO NOT place Wax Pottery® pieces directly on finished wood, painted surfaces or linen. Always use a dish or stand to protect your furniture or linens. Left unprotected, furniture may be damaged by fragrance oil. Place your Wax Pottery® away from heat or direct light source. A sunny window or spot light on your vessel may distort the shape or color of your piece. Wax Pottery® is not intended for holding food or any liquid. Any item placed inside the Wax Pottery® vessels may be damaged by fragrance oil or by color transfer.

Q: How long does the fragrance last?
A: Fragrance gradually diminishes over time and is the stongest fresh out of the packaging, but typically will last 6 months or more. Many customers report that they still enjoy a gentle smell after 2 years.

Q: Can I refresh the fragrance?
A: You may clean or refresh the fragrance of your Wax Pottery® by gently buffing the surface with a soft cloth or a recycled nylon stocking. Fragrance may also be refreshed by gently warming the surface with a hair dryer set to the lowest temperature. Take extra care to avoid melting the surface too deeply as dripping wax may damage furniture or cause burns. Never place in Oven or Microwave Oven.

Q: How can I store Wax Pottery when not in use?
Consider storing seasonal Wax Pottery® products inside a zip-lock bag in a cool dry place to maintain fragrance for future use.

Q: Where are they Wax Pottery products made?
A: They are all individually hand made in the United States of America in the state of Georgia.

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