Embellish Your Story!

“Embellish Your Story is a one-of-a-kind way to celebrate and showcase the joys of family, friends, and traditions while decorating your personal space with a creative display. Start with one of our functional base pieces, such as a colorful memo board, an inspiring word, or a picture frame. Then, embellish it to your heart’s content with personal photos and memorabilia, and our assortment of playful and personable hand-painted magnetic shapes, frames, and words. Customization is as quick as the click of a magnet. Creating a new look is as easy as a fresh idea.”

Here’s how it works –

Step One: Select a base.

Step Two: Choose your words and accents. (All $9.95 each) 


“Turn your treasured memories into a celebration of your life, with your own innovative style! Embellish Your Story products give you an endless creative foundation for building the perfect expression of your family, friends and favorite memories.

Embellish Your Story takes the concept of scrapbooking and applies it to home decor. You simply start with your favorite word art or magnetic memo board, then add accents that reflect your interests, experiences, and the signs of a life that no one else can duplicate!

Artist Carol Roeda has created a range of themes and color schemes, painted to perfection, for you to build your story upon. Add decorative magnets, meaningful photographs or holiday and seasonal imagery to make your story even more unique.

We offer a wide variety of Embellish Your Story bases, accessories and accents, so that you can express your creativity and create a one-of-a-kind expression of you, your family and friends. After all, no one else has your story so who better than you to make it your own!”

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