Root Candles

ImageWe have carried Root Candles for quite some time at White House Florist. They make a great addition to floral arrangements for special occasions or just because! The candle line was incorporated into our expanded gift shop and our customers continue to love these great candles for their homes or to give as gifts. We thought we would give you a little history we learned on their website about these wonderful candles made in America!

  • The company was founded in 1869 in Medina, Ohio by Amos Ives Root. Root candles have been crafted with passion and perfection by the same family for five generations and more than 140 years.  
  • Root candles use the purest beeswax, an all-natural color palette and sophisticated, essential oil fragrances.
  • Root candles are consistently flawless, cleaner burning, longer lasting and elegantly designed.
  • Root candles are called the best candle in America, made in America.

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