New Product Line

We are excited about a new product line we are carrying! We now have paper products by Elise – “Everything Entertaining” .  Our inventory includes premium tissue Guest Towels and Beverage Napkins in a variety of beautiful patterns. We also have Pottery Scalloped and Striped Metallic, 7″ embossed square plates.  These items are great for all kinds of entertaining such as dinner parties and bridal & baby showers! We even have South Carolina Gamecock and Clemson Tiger cups, napkins and plates perfect for Tailgating and parties! We would love for you to come and see our selection!

Valuable tips from Elise ~ Plan the Perfect Setting

If you intend for a more formal party, planned seating can be an ice-breaker. Consider seating couples at separate tables, or the men at one and women at another. Remember, tables of 6-8 generate the best conversations.
If there will be children, they always enjoy eating with other children rather than adults, so go ahead and set a kids’ table.
Seat yourself closest to the kitchen for quick exits and entrances.
Consider rotating guests for dessert, so they are able to mingle with a new group.

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